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Improvement after only 1 lesson!!

Improvement seen after just one lesson with Canadian Snooker Academy

A student recently approached us for Snooker Coaching.  An avid Snooker fan, he has been playing for about 3 years and was looking to improve his break building and overall consistency.  During the initial assessment our coach Jon quickly noticed some inherent habits which were limiting the student from developing a consistent and successful technique.  Using key fundamentals of the WPBSA Blueprint, Jon first adjusted the stance to create more stability, resulting in less body movement when striking, and overall a more stable and comfortable position for the student when addressing the cue ball.  Additionally, this in turn allowed the right arm to come into line with the cue, instead of pointing outwards as before, and therefore removed another variable common with inconsistent shot performance.  With these corrections and some practice, our student has recently achieved a personal best: a 70+ break!!!  Congrats!!!


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